Active Child // Curtis Lane

I'll get back on top of this blog soon, but in the meantime, check these tunes out:

Standout Tracks:
// She Was a Vision
// When Your Love is Safe
// Wilderness


Memoryhouse // These Days (Nico Cover)

This little gem popped up on Memoryhouse's blog, and I had to snatch it up. It's freaking amazing. I ripped and uploaded it a couple days ago and just haven't gotten around to posting it up here 'till now - as I've been too busy listening to it on repeat.

"This was the first song Denise and I ever recorded together, about three or four months before memoryhouse became a dedicated project. It was a spontaneous recording done really late at night, but it had this indelible nervous energy that gave Denise’s voice that extra hint of vulnerability that underpins Browne’s yearning, despondent lyrics so well. These Days ended up being a thesis of sorts for us, whose lyrical themes would go on to figure heavily in our first song, Lately." - Memoryhouse blog

Active Child // She Was a Vision

Figured I'd post more to make up for my short hiatus. Just two tracks on this puppy, but DAMN are they good. They're coming out with a full length in June, and I for one cannot wait. This is some truly atmospheric chillwave/dream pop/ whateverthefuckyouwannacallit.

Standout Tracks:
// She Was a Vision
// Voice of an Old Friend
(aka all of them)

Hypermagic // Collected Recordings

Extremely chill ambient tunes. No real record out to speak of yet, but all the tracks I've compiled here are up for download on their last.fm. It's some magical damn music, and i'm digging it hard. Enjoy dis shiit.

Standout Tracks:
// Pico Blisco
// Death Box Teapot
// A Million See